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According to Pantone, Color is the single most important design element in creating spaces that reflect mood and style. Without color, life would be very bleak. Color surrounds us and defines our world. We are soothed by certain colors and excited by others. We use color to describe our world . . . to change a house into our home . . . to attract attention, make a statement, or blend into a team. We may not always choose things for their color but ultimately we select every item by its color. Color has forever fascinated people, not only in nature but as a symbol and at times as a physical presence.

Why do we choose the colors we do? How and when did we come to know which is our favorite color? Do we love only colors that complement us physically? How much are our preferences based on good and bad associations and memories of a certain color at a certain time? Why is color such a personal decision and what do our choices reveal about our true nature?

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