Colorstrology in partnership with Pantone, Inc has created a color palette for every month and every date within the month. They are designed to help you understand your personality and "numerological" significance for your special date. Every month and date has a unique color just as every person is unique.

Color of the MonthEdit

The color for June is Aspen Gold. Aspen Gold is an energizing and stimulating color that increases mental agility and health. Surrounding yourself with Aspen Gold will bring joy into your life and increase communication skills.


  • Radiant
  • Uplifting
  • Intellectual

==June 18 == The color of June 1 is Daffodil.People born on June 1 are kind and generous with extroverted natures. Surrounding ourselves with Daffodil renews our energy when we're feeling down and rejuvenates our tired natures.

  • Generous
  • Spiritual
  • Entertainer



Color of the Year

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