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This app provides access to some of Pantone's color libraries. The app also allows for color identification in pictures and matches Pantone colors to color in the photo. It also creates color combinations and is able to be shared via email and sharing through Pantone's website.

The libraries offered include:

  • New PANTONE PLUS Formula Guides coated and uncoated with 224 new colors
  • New PANTONE PLUS Premium Metallics coated
  • New PANTONE PLUS Pastels & Neons coated and uncoated
  • PANTONE Goe™ coated and uncoated
  • PANTONE FASHION + HOME paper and cotton
  • Includes sRGB, HTML and L*a*b* data

There is also the myPantone X-Ref which helps find the closest Pantone color match for any RGB, Hexadecimal (HTML) or CMYK value.

Video walkthroughEdit

MyPantone iPhone App Walkthrough

MyPantone iPhone App Walkthrough