Sef Pinney

A photo of Sef Pinney.

Sef Pinney is a designer who is featured on the Pantone Portfolio. His Pantone color is 14-214. He does furniture, products, and designs for Euclid Design.


Sef Pinney is a Colorado climber, and son of a Sculptor and Lampshade Designer. Sef studied the Great Books at St. John’s College, NM, and Furniture and Product design at SCAD, and has also worked as an aerospace machinist, and a graphics and interface designer. As a designer in NY firms, Sef has concept-ed, modeled, and managed the construction of over 30 furniture, fixtures and pieces for high-end retail and private clients worldwide. His studies in philosophy and science and lifelong passion for nature and beauty, have brought him full circle to product design with a tempered and critical perspective.


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