We all can probably agreed that we are total color-holics here. From the Color of the Year, to Color of the Month, to Colorstrology, and now to the color of words and time. According to posts on Brandflakes for Breakfast, there are now ways to find a specific color for any word you can think of! Head on over to The Color Of, type in a word, and see what result you get. You can use any word that you can think of - appropriate or not. Depending all on what you want to do.

Brandflakes for Breakfast also pointed out this cool new project called The Colour Clock. This project changes every second of the day and can be toggled to view the time or the corresponding hexadecimal color value. It is also available as a screensaver which makes it far cooler.

What do you think of color projects like these? Do you like them? Are you planning on using any of them?


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